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This information covers the most common questions I receive. I am always happy to discuss your individual needs with you, so please feel free to contact me with any question.

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Because I work on location, we can select the perfect setting for your session. You may choose to have your session at your home, at a local park or at any number of possible locations. I enjoy exploring unusual settings and am happy to help suggest a fun location for your family.


Preparing Your Children


I can't emphasize this enough: don't overprepare your kids. If anything, you might simply tell them they are going to have pictures taken while they are having fun -- and we will have fun! During the session, please pull back and let me be in charge. I am used to dealing with shy children, spirited children and everything in between. I will adjust my approach to match each child's mood and give them any needed direction and encouragement. And if I do need your help, I won't hesitate to ask.


Many parents worry that their children will not behave appropriately during the photo session. This worry is almost always unfounded. A child who is being herself is behaving appropriately. Silliness, sassiness and even shyness are all perfectly normal and can make for engaging photographs.


During the Session


Before anything else, I will build on our Pre-Session Consultation and spend some time getting to know you and your children. Establishing a personal connection and gaining the trust of the kids sets the stage for a fun and successful session.


A typical session lasts between one and two hours. I don't like to rush. I always set aside extra time in my schedule to allow for any needed breaks and to make sure the session stays relaxed and fun. Building in plenty of extra time allows kids and grown-ups alike to warm up and be themselves. I want the opportunity to capture everyone at their best.


During the session I will guide you into locations and/or groupings I think will make a great image and have great lighting. I will make some suggestions as needed, I will goof around with your children, I will encourage you to have fun with each other, I will take beautiful images.


What to Wear


I want to photograph you at your natural best. What would you wear to meet an old friend for coffee at a local cafe? Wear clothing that reflects your personality, that is comfortable, and that above all makes you feel good. For children, consider jeans, cargos, colorful t-shirts, funky tops or playful dresses. Casual shoes or even bare feet are perfectly fine.


Feel free to bring several clothing options to your session. If we are meeting in your home, I am happy to help you decide what to wear.




Maternity sessions can be both playful and intimate. If you wish to capture images of your beautiful pregnant body in a more private setting, I will photograph you in your home. For the more adventurous mom-to-be, I am happy to venture out with you and your belly. Husbands and older children are welcome to participate.




I treasure the opportunity to photograph new life. The sleepy, scrunchy newborn days are fleeting and are best captured at about 5 to 7 days-old. I will always try hard to work a newborn into my schedule. However, if you think you would like to engage me for a newborn session, it is best to call me prior to the birth of your child so I can reserve space in my schedule around your due date.




Although I am happy to photograph babies at any age, my very favorite time to photograph babies is at about 7 months -- after they are comfortably sitting up, but before they are crawling across the floor. At this age, an outdoor-indoor session provides a wonderful variety of images, ranging from captures in a lovely outdoor enviroment to those priceless bare-babe images in your home.